Hi, I'm Anastasia.

My belief is that making is a form of self-care, and it can be done slowly and sustainably in a way that harnesses renewable resources in a way that adds value to the Earth, rather than taking away from it.

I support makers along their creative journey by providing botanically hand-dyed wool yarns that are responsibly and ethically-sourced.

​I'm a natural yarn dyer located in the prairies of South Dakota (where I live in a historic home with my husband, my miniature dachshund, a very stupid orange cat, the two loveliest house rabbits you'll ever meet, two sweet cockatiels, and a rotating menagerie of wildlife rehab patients).  My home is a starting place for change, fostering a collection of yarns that support local communities (and the businesses within) and encourage the use of natural fibers in a time where plastic is king.  Join me on this journey and let's make an impact together.

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