The 2018 Crocheted Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Can you believe that Christmas is less than two months away already? It is really time to buckle in and get down to making your handmade gifts. I know sometimes I tend to emphasize knitting over crocheting, so I'm going to give this guide to the crocheters first!

Full transparency: I'm putting this list together as things I've personally found online and thought would work well as gifts. I'm in no way receiving any form of compensation for these recommendations.

Marlow Wall Hanging

by Sarah Carver

This would be so lovely above a headboard, or in a nursery. A perfect gift for someone who loves a bit of whimsy in their life. And as it includes both a piece of nature and a mindful activity, I daresay we could even tag this as "hygge".

Retro Jen

by Kendall Timko

This poncho/kimono hybrid is so stunning! I'm already imagining all the amazing colors that it could be made in! And we all know you crocheters are so fast, so it could easily be achieved within a little under two months.

March Cardigan

by Julia Raye Bednorz

I adore the detail on the back of this cardigan. Another quick piece of work that would seem incredibly impressive to the receiver of such a gift! I can almost guarantee whoever this was made for would feel spoiled.

Leaf Coasters

by Katherine Laight

A quick little project to spruce up anyone's side tables!

Coffee Sleeve, Coffee Cozy

by natalya1905

Everyone loves coffee, (or tea)! And maybe this sleeve would even go well with a sustainably-made travel mug.

Stella Cropped Sweater

by Mindy Waters

This sweater has captured my heart! It's almost made me want to start crocheting - and maybe I will after all. There are probably one million people in your life who would be ecstatic to receive this piece!

For all you knitters out there, The 2018 Knitted Gift Guide is now available! And if you need the yarn to get you started, I've got you covered.

Happy Crocheting!


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