The 2018 Gift Guide for the Knitter in your Life

You have a wonderful friend/family member/human you know who puts their heart and soul into the items they create, whether that's through knitting, crocheting, or something else completely. You often find them difficult to shop for because you don't craft yourself. Or because you are not familiar with their particular hobby. Or maybe you get that weird insecure feeling that nothing you will ever get them will live up to the gifts they have handmade for you. I feel you, I do.

I'm going to list out just a small few of my favorite discoveries this year as far as making goes. Please note that I am not paid to recommend any of these, they are simply my own suggestions.

Slow Knitting

by Hannah Thiessen

A stunning book that takes you on a knitting journey from the ground up, creating a space of exploration of the craft. Hannah is incredibly well-versed in key issues and topics that deserve your awareness and attention, and this piece of work is bound to get you inspired.

Plus, if you truly judge a book by its cover, this one will meet your expectations!

Magnetic Knitter's Necklace

This is genius - I have to say. Have you ever lost a cabling needle, possibly in your couch or on a trip? This necklace solves that problem. It's a large magnet that you can stick your cable needles to when you're working on an intricate project. It does have the ability to hold stitch markers as well, and the kit it comes in includes markers and needles that are compatible. I also feel it's quite stylish, and have worn mine just as jewelry out and about!


A teapot will sustain your maker friend through those long hours that result in a chant of "just one more row". Why pick the most basic, boring teapot when there are so many beautiful options? Because you know they're just going to knit a cosy for it right away.

Knitter's Backpack

I had been on the hunt for an ethical backpack for awhile. When I was at Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis this year, I stumbled across this backpack at Jimmy Beans's space. I hemmed and hawed for awhile because I couldn't find a lot of information about how it was made. After a day of doing this, I just went right up and asked. Jimmy herself actually explained it all to me. She is the one who personally oversees the creation of the backpack. It's made with primarily recycled materials and she's currently exploring ways to increase the amount of recycled material within the pieces. The leather is vegan, and it is made in China, however she is the one who goes to the factories to meet the workers, inspect the factories, and she pays above market wage. Her passion for ethical treatment and creation was amazing.

The bag itself is wonderful. It comes with stitch markers, a darning needle, all the pockets you could ever dream of. A yarn guide so you can work straight from the bag itself. I love it and it's my actual purse right now.

Wrist Ruler

If you're a maker and you don't have one of these yet, it is time to get one. How many times have we run into an issue and don't have our tape measure on hand? Or the cat literally dragged it away and we can't find it (yes, this has happened to me)? This bracelet is far more stylish than an ever-present hair tie, and I daresay just as useful.

Amish Style Swift

I love love love this style of swift. The umbrella styles seem a bit fiddly to me, but the simplicity of this swift (which is so easily adjustable) is fantastic. It breaks down to become super easy to transport. My home insurance agent actually came by to have me sign a form and begged me to show him how it worked. He was fascinated! Ha!

Yarn Gift Card

How is yarn not the perfect gift? You don't even have to pick it out yourself, just snag a gift card and let them do the shopping!


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